Education Research and Development Center (EDC)

The Education Development Center of Varastegan Institute for Medical Sciences considers increasing the quality of education to raise the health of the society through Varastegan Institute for Medical Sciences as its main objective. This center achieves this mission by making policies, planning, evaluating and supervising and, if necessary, conducting education development activities at department and faculty level, and endeavoring to increase education in the institute.

The EDC of the institute believes that all the institute’s educational sections are the means for achieving educational development in medical sciences. Therefore it considers all the faculty members, students, authorities, working experts, and graduates to achieve this great, necessary, and complicated mission.


This center’s perspective is to become a prominent organization that effectively elevates the quality of education among the academic circles, managers, and faculty members of the institute and can collaborate with them for constant development and elevation of the status of education in the institute.

In this regard, the ultimate objective of this center’s activities is to turn educational departments, faculties into self-producing centers of educational development that organize all of their educational activities based on the best available evidence, constantly work for the development and the assurance of their educational quality and are active in producing science in this field.


Main objectives of the education development center

  1. Developing planning for self-producing educational development in the faculties and the educational departments.
  2. Increasing the quantity and the quality of the expertise in the departments/faculties regarding the educational, medical development
  3. Increasing the educational development plans and the educational research of the faculties and the departments.
  4. Reinforcing the encouragement policy for educational activities/educational development
  5. Reinforcing the publication facilities for innovative educational activities
  6. Developing the quality and the quantity of the student’s activities in the area of medical education