Cultural Student Deputy

Nowadays universities in addition of research and education, have undertaken new roles in students` lives that includes socialization, refinement and skills training.

We believe that involvement in clubs and organizations advances student success, complements scholastic endeavors, provides “hands-on” opportunities for learning and personal growth, hones professional skills, and builds enduring bonds of friendship and camaraderie. We are committed to helping students pursue a fulfilling and robust college experience.

Cultural-Student Deputy activities include:

  • Planning, directing and supervising the cultural activities of the university
  • Provide the necessary facilities to expand and generalize the cultural activities of academics
  • Encouraging students to participate in extracurricular programs or activities
  • Establishing communication and joint cooperation with cultural centers and institutions
  • Studying, examining and identifying the cultural problems of academics, the intellectual needs of the audience, the fields and causes of vulnerability and thinking about solutions to cultural problems.
  • Stablishing facilities to acquaint academics with the manifestations of civilization and religious and national culture through tourism and visits.
  • Preparing the ground for acquainting students with scholars
  • Presenting students’ cultural and artistic works
  • Supporting student organizations


Students are at the center of what we do in here


Our campus is full of active, self-motivated individuals and we have all the connections in place to give everyone a chance to get involved and take charge.

Student organizations are a fundamental part of the diverse and dynamic community that exists at Varastegan. There are lots of groups that serve to that complement your academic work, provide leadership development and enhance and enrich your collegiate experience.

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