Virtual Education

E-learning encompasses educational approach that typically aspires to be flexible, engaging and learner-centred; one that encourages interaction and collaboration and communication.

Nowadays,  E-learning has become necessary part of  medical education and affected the practice of healthcare teaching and learning.

Varastegan university for medical science is among the pioneers of virtual education, using the Learning Management System from 2010 until now. The E-learning Center formally started its activities in 2019. Varastegan virtual center objects:

  • Developing comprehensive instructions for e-learning
  • Empowering teachers and students in order to use more effectively from virtual education
  • Expanding  new motivational model for training in educational courses(micro-learning, gamification, role playing and…)
  • Updating curricula to upgrade their capability of being presented in virtual space
  • Presenting virtual courses  in each semester
  • Evaluating the virtual content and feed back the assessment to professors
  • Collaborating with Varastegan skill training center in virtual webinars and courses
  • Holding electronic exam with assistance of it canter in each semester